Mission and Values

Lighthouse Church Of God Ministry

Our Mission is to let the light of God shine through us to equip and motivate every member in the local body to win the lost at any cost.

Our Vision is to see every member of lighthouse so involved in the ministry that their passion for God will shine through them to win the community for God.

Goals : To achieve our vision through prayer, fasting and studying the word of God going in the community to share the goodness of God given out tracks helping those in need letting the members of lighthouse church of god ministry be involved directly with the  kids and elderly in our community.

By this we will obtaining our own building and have a pantry a soup kitchen daycare for the kids helping the elderly with daily needs.

Ministry care team: Who  will  take a holistic approach to ensure that individuals ministering under the outreach program will be cared for in a consistent manner with the resources to develop and distribute materials for the support of the local national and International mission

Building Partnership to work internationally in order to provide opportunities in the mission between lighthouse church of god ministry and other outreach program.

1. PRAYER: To see an ever increasing number of people praying for, and the focus of those prayers being directed to; A) LCGM sponsored missions personnel and projects,

 B) the people who are the focus of the ministry of those personnel and projects, and 

C) God's global purposes. 

2. LEADERSHIP AND MOBILIZATION: To provide ongoing leadership to the entire church in the area of outreach and serve as a mobilizing force within the congregation in order to provide and promote outreach both here in DORCHESTER

3. and globally as is consistent with our human and financial resources and our strategic objectives. 

5. PARTNERSHIPS: To work intentionally in order to provide opportunities of partnership in missions between the Outreach Program and; 1) other ministry departments of LCGM, 2) our denomination, and 3) local, national and international missionaries and ministries with whom we feel called to partner. 

7. STRUCTURES: To continually evaluate the structure of our organization to ensure its effectiveness in allowing us to work towards achieving our goals. 

8. MINISTRY TEAM CARE: To take a holistic approach to ensure that individuals ministering under the Outreach Program umbrella will be cared for in a consistent and sensitive manner. 

9. RESOURCING AND FUNDING: To develop and distribute material resources for the support of LCGM sponsored: 1) local, national and international missions personnel, 2) projects and 3) national scholars.